Customers Forced To Pack Clever As Lenders Pull Out Of Safekeeping

Safe deposit boxes are available for the most part Broadway Loan company locations. "These guys actually want someone to be there when they break in and the first thing they are doing after tying you up is to place the kettle on. They'll threaten to put it on you unless you tell them where your safe is," said Mr Fahy, who provides that criminals are aware of all the tricks people use. I called into the safety Vaults sales office (?) a couple of days ago, where in fact the old XtraVision used to be in Ballsbridge, reverse Millers Pizza / Tesco. Security operations will differ, but in some instances you may need to be supported to your pack by bank personnel, although privacy should be provided when you wish to open up it up. When you start a box, you will be asked to list a number of people - with safety Vaults, for example, the maximum is three - who will be permitted to access the container.

Séamus Fahy, a co-founder of safety Vaults, was struck by the difficulty in finding a safety-deposit service when he create his diamonds business, Voltaire Diamonds , some six years back. Platinum broker Draw 'Byrne of Goldcore said that the boxes were often employed by elderly people to store belongings and legal documents. Just choose which store you want to have your box in and reserve online.

I trust you, for a security deposit box it is essential to choose a company that you can trust and hence examining their company record out it a good notion, particularly if it's a new company and the directors are serial directors (i.e. are also prominent people for a huge selection of others like in cases like this). Nevertheless, you can get additional protection plans for storing the item in a vault, in case of a tragedy destroying it. The safety-deposit supplier will typically give you a certain level of insurance cover in the case something was to happen the things - €10,000 regarding safety Vaults, for example - but it is also possible to take out additional cover.

You can select from boxes with different dimensions, lease them for indefinite period, and provide access to your safe first deposit package to other users - e.g. your family members. The most popular items stored are jewellery, cash, platinum and krugerrands, family heirlooms, artwork, coins, house deeds, wills and memory sticks. It is the end of an era for banks as a vault for safekeeping key items belonging to customers, including legal documents such as property deeds.

There is no need to reveal whats within it but you will be charged a fee and of course hint a waiver that if the bank is robbed there not liable for your safe keeping etc. We will be the country's ONLY skilled and independent Vault that is signed up and licensed by the Safety First deposit Association (Industry Watchdog). Customers will have thirty days to remove the things from storage before the lenders place them into archive.

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